Interpreting Services

Sign Language Services

Our certified and qualified sign language interpreters have skills that take them into a variety of settings where a person who is d/Deaf or hard of hearing needs to communicate. We specialize in the following areas: community, educational, legal, medical, mental health, and vocational.

We are available for:

  • individual and group settings
  • daytime, evening and weekend appointments
  • urgent need such as emergency room visits

What is a Qualified Interpreter?
A “qualified” interpreter is one who can interpret “effectively, accurately, and impartially”. A qualified interpreter must be fluent in spoken English and the language most readily understood by the d/Deaf consumer.  This may include American Sign Language (ASL) and a variety of Signed English systems.  All of the interpreters at CSD meet the definition of “qualified” as outlined in the ADA.  Most hold certification from the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and/or Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf (RID).

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Interpreter Mentoring

CSD works to improve services to the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community by mentoring recent graduates from Interpreter Training Programs or those who look to fine tune their interpreting skill.  This service provided at no cost to those wanting to participate.  Our highly qualified and certified staff interpreters are waiting to work with you.  Our mentors are able to give you real world experience by providing ample feedback, scaffolding your interpreting skill, and ensuring that the language needs of our consumers are met. To schedule a screening to see if you qualify for the mentoring program, contact Amanda Donohoue at

Interpreter Internship

Amanda Donohoue and our certified staff interpreters coordinate this program.  They work closely with several local colleges to help provide community experiences and feedback for current Interpreter Training Program students.  Our semester long internships provide a wide variety of experiences working with our staff interpreters. The goal upon completion of our internship is to be a work ready, professional sign language interpreter. To schedule a screening to see if you qualify for the internship program, contact Amanda Donohoue at