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Hearing Speech + Deaf Center receives $25,000 from Dater Foundation for 2021 Youth Programming

CINCINNATI, June 23, 2021 – Hearing Speech + Deaf Center received a $25,000 grant from the Charles H. Dater Foundation to fund programs for youth with communication disorders or deafness.

The grant will support youths’ mental health and well-being by promoting education, social learning, cultural development, and age-appropriate socialization. “Children with communication disorders and deafness are often treated differently. That can lead to isolation and loneliness,” said JB Boothe, Hearing Speech + Deaf Center’s CEO. “Our youth activities give them a chance to connect with others who are like them.” Boothe continued, “After last year’s quarantines, we’re all more aware of the impact of isolation and loneliness. There’s overwhelming evidence that communication disorders affect social relationships.”

The Dater Foundation grant sustains long-running efforts to present successful role models and build strong community connections with activities that promote mental health and well-being. Bruce Krone, President of the Charles H. Dater Foundation, wrote that the grant “recognizes [Hearing Speech + Deaf Center’s] commitment to enriching the lives of children.”

Hearing Speech + Deaf Center delivers services that can aid anyone with communication disorders or deafness at every stage of life. Children with hearing or speech-language challenges can access services and treatment from the organization’s pediatric audiology unit or Katie’s House for Speech and Occupational Therapy. The adult audiology staffs at three Greater Cincinnati offices treat adults with hearing loss. The organization’s Community Services for the Deaf unit delivers ASL interpreting, employment services, and more to the Deaf Community.

About the Charles H. Dater Foundation

The Charles H. Dater Foundation was founded in 1985 and makes grants to nonprofit organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area to carry out projects that benefit young people and focus in the areas of arts/culture, education, healthcare, social services and other community needs.  The foundation does not operate programs but makes grants to private, nonprofit organizations and public agencies for their programs and projects.

About Hearing Speech + Deaf Center

Hearing Speech + Deaf Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that advocates for communication equity and empowers communication in Greater Cincinnati. Founded in 1925, the organization provides top-notch hearing aid and audiology services, speech and occupational therapy, and expert-led deaf services and programs (e.g., advocacy, ASL interpreting, captioning, employment services, and more).

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