For many years the Center has been known as the premier provider of hearing aids for several reasons.  First, we employ only audiologists, not hearing aid dealers or fitters. This training requires a Masters or Doctoral degree. In addition, none of our clinicians make a commission or bonus, they work on straight salary. Their livelihood is not dependent on what they sell, or if they sell. Third, we have no loyalty to any single manufacturer. We have accounts with literally dozens and while it would be foolish to dabble in that many at one time, the option is always t here. Our clinicians tend to get expert in several different brands and models at a time, until something new and more sophisticated comes along, is tried and true and proven, and then they begin to dispense that. We pay our clinicians to take continuing education constantly so they stay up to date and are on top of the latest trends. Because we are accredited by several different funders, we obtain outcomes measurements to ensure every hearing aid fitting is successful. We use state of the art instrumentation and evidence based clinical practices.

Our best outcome is a satisfied patient who tells others who become satisfied patients!