Hearing aid manufacturer Starkey writes, “The over-the-ear face mask, often the most common style, puts hearing aid wearers at risk for misplacing their behind-the-ear devices when they become entangled upon removal.”  You can see some tips they offer in the graphic on the right. To read the entire Starkey advisory click [here].

Realizing that “wearing a face mask to the grocery store can be a pain [with] over-the-ear hearing aids,” or cochlear implants, AARP weighs in [here]. The AARP report mentions online accessories like the alligator-style OtoClip or homemade resources as is displayed in the photo of the man above. This simple method, or something similar, is widely recommended. A common style has a piece of cloth with two buttons sewn to it a few inches apart. Mask ties are attached to the buttons. (Photo credit: Audiology Associates of Deerfield, IL)

Boys Town National Research Hospital (Omaha, NE) offers a table of 5 tips that you can access [here] along with their alternative headband strategy with mask extender cords as displayed in the photo of the woman on the right. (Photo credit: Boys Town National Research Hospital)