Hearing Speech + Deaf Center received a GCF COVID-19 Responsive grant to aid its continued distribution of windowmasks. The $2,000 grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation in partnership with United Way of Greater Cincinnati will support Hearing Speech + Deaf Center’s efforts to champion communication equity for people with speech and hearing disorders and deafness.

Face coverings are essential to combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, according to public health officials. Typical face masks are an obstacle to communication for people who read lips or use American Sign Language. Windowmasks adapt a standard face mask with a clear plastic covering to make the mouth area visible. Hearing Speech and Deaf Center has delivered over 1,000 windowmasks to individuals and fifteen nonprofit partners.

J.B. Boothe, CEO at Hearing Speech + Deaf Center, said, “This grant allows us to continue providing windowmasks to remove obstacles to communication, which improves communication for people with hearing loss and deafness. We’re so grateful to GCF and United Way for this grant and their leadership during the COVID-19 crisis.”

You can watch the WCPO-TV report originally broadcast on October 30, 2020 [here].

About Hearing Speech + Deaf Center

Since 1925, Hearing Speech + Deaf Center has empowered communication equity in Greater Cincinnati.  As a  501(c)(3) nonprofit, we offer fully integrated and expert-led deaf services and programs, advocacy, and individualized counsel alongside clinical hearing (audiology) services and speech-language and occupational therapy.