Sheltering in place will challenge the communication needs of the nearly 38 million Americans with hearing loss. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) offers some helpful tips for home care of hearing aids plus a few tips that can help you resolve common environmental communication issues at home. You can read the ASHA story [here].

Number one on the ASHA list for hearing aid care is to take time each day to look over your hearing aids. Check for ear wax or cracks in the hearing body or tubing.

Hearing aid batteries usually last 5-10 days. Keep spare batteries with you, and if you don’t have a battery tester, keep a written log to list battery changes. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, be sure to allow enough time for them to reach a full charge. Check your user manual if you’re not sure.

Our audiology staff is available to help troubleshoot the hearing challenges you encounter. In many cases that can be accomplished over the phone or remotely via telehealth. We would welcome the opportunity to remove the obstacles to effective communication that you encounter.