You might be surprised by the April 27 profile in The News Record’s (TNR) of a language class. TNR is the independent student news organization at the University of Cincinnati. Its April 27 report described the popularity of American Sign Language (ASL) classes at UC.

Arriana Bedgood (left) is one of eight American Sign Language (ASL) instructors at UC teaching 500 students. ASL is Bedgood’s first language, and she has been teaching at UC since 2019.

According to TNR, students come to Bedgood’s class for different reasons. Kat Denby expects to become a speech-language pathologist, but she’s pursuing a Deaf Studies Certificate, as well. She hopes to use ASL after graduation with her own children and in a career treating patients with traumatic brain injuries or strokes. You can read the entire TNR article [here].

Hearing Speech + Deaf Center has collaborated with the University of Cincinnati for more than 50 years. We’re proud of UC’s amazing faculty and students and their dedication to bringing communication access to deaf and hard of hearing people in our community. That’s where our Community Services for the Deaf is focused, too. We are the only organization in Greater Cincinnati offering fully integrated services to the deaf and hard of hearing community. We provide ASL interpreting for educational, legal, medical, and other needs. We even offer ASL classes if you’re interested in learning to sign. We have three locations in Greater Cincinnati, and one may be convenient for you.

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