Eighteen UC undergrads in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders recently fulfilled their volunteer requirements with us. Each spring, we collaborate with UC with students. This year, students provided consulting services for our social media accounts via Zoom meetings. As one part of that effort, we published personal profiles of some of the students on Hearing Speech + Deaf Center social media platforms.

The service-learning project has ended with the end of the UC semester. Many of of our clinical employees contributed to the project. Alison, Audrey, Ericka, Haley, and Megan were all drawn into the program in multiple ways. There efforts were vital. Other staff members weren’t among the group who directly interacted with the UC volunteers, but they endured inconveniences with the added comings and goings.

Those social media student profiles caught the attention of Adrian Whitsett, a reporter at WCPO. His report about the service-learning volunteers aired Monday, May 3 [link]. Two of the service-learning volunteers were interviewed at length for the report. They had come to Katie’s House to shadow occupational therapist, Alison, as she worked in Katie’s “backyard” with a patient.