Speech-Language Services

Backyard Occupational Therapy Gym
Katie's House Entrance
Therapy Room

Katie’s House is an innovative, nurturing, family centered speech and language therapy center offering combined treatment with occupational therapy in a medical office setting that closely resembles a home.

The concept of creating Katie’s House started out as a similar dream shared by HSDC and The Katie Haumesser Foundation who was looking for a way to permanently honor their namesake, Katie who was tragically killed in 2006 by a drunk driver. Katie was 27 and was a speech-language pathologist. Katie knew first-hand what a profound difference speech therapy can make in a young child’s life.

On the third floor of our Corryville location, the elevator opens to what resembles the outside of a ranch style home complete with a front porch, windows and green carpeting to look like grass. Once inside Katie’s House, the therapeutic rooms resemble rooms reminiscent of a home such as: living room to serve as the lobby, home theater for parents to observe therapy, a working kitchen, individual therapy rooms (called guest room, play room, sun room and den – for adult therapy), an occupational therapy gym (resembling a backyard play area), and for group therapy there is the library.

The speech-language pathology department at HSDC provides screening (funding by United Way of Greater Cincinnati), assessment and intervention to individuals of all ages. Our licensed and board certified speech-language pathologists work with people who have communication disorders that may impair speech, language, reading or writing. Services are provided at HSDC’s facilities, area schools, Pediatric Otologic Diagnostic Clinics (of the Ohio Department of Health) and other outreach sites.

Causes of speech-language delays and disorders are many and include: hearing loss, cognitive deficits, neurological disorders, genetic abnormalities, physical impairments, birth trauma, stroke, and Parkinson’s Disease just to name a few.