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The power of … hearing loss

Some musicians would relish being compared to Beethoven, but Huey Lewis might wish that comparisons of him to one of the greatest composers didn’t come…

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Another “first” for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

You may not know of Shoshannah Stern from her acclaimed dramedy “This Close” on Sundance TV, but that may change after Feb. 13 with her…

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How do you sign, “Good doggie”?

Ralph Waldo may be the “Emerson” most Americans are familiar with, but that may be changing. News outlets across the country including Fox and USA…

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There’s plenty of time before Super Bowl LV (February 7, 2021)

What a beautiful thought. Thank you, Marlee Matlin. Not everyone will know that American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete, natural language that has the…

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A bank serving your needs

Hearing loss often brings a sense of isolation and exclusion, but JP Morgan has opened a Chase Bank retail branch in Washington, DC’s H Street…

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We think our staff is great! And we’re not alone.

Our SLPs (speech-language pathologists) have a way with words. Patients (and caregivers) think so, too. FYI, it’s easy to understand why Megan is our 2019…

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Can you help Hearing Speech + Deaf Center win $5,000?

January 22, 2020 Uncategorized

And you can win, too. Follow the link to nominate us. One nonprofit with the most nomination will win $5,000 and a lucky voter will…

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Will you support us on AmazonSmiles?

Can you support us? It’s painless!   An EASY way to support the services of the Hearing Speech + Deaf Center is to select us on…

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Hearing Speech + Deaf Center locations are closed on the MLK holiday

January 19, 2020 Events, News & updates

All Hearing Speech + Deaf Center locations will be closed on Monday, January 20, 2020, in honor of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday….

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Thank you, Charles H. Dater Foundation

January 19, 2020 News & updates

The Charles H. Dater Foundation is supporting our programs for cultural, educational, and social activities for D/deaf and hard of hearing youth throughout 2020….

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