Our Katie’s House kids are fired up about Fiona’s 4th birthday! Of course, you know Fiona. She’s that world-famous hippo at our Cincinnati Zoo.

Katie’s House kiddos are completing apple-themed speech therapy and occupational therapy projects. We’re giving each kiddo completing a project, a chance to win a “race” the Zoo is calling Float4Fiona.  Apples tumble from the top of the waterfall in the Zoo’s Hippo Cove. The first apples crossing the finish line are winners. Anyone can buy an apple to support the Zoo (see below), but we hope a Katie’s House kid will be a winner? 

Do you know what’s special about Fiona’s ears? Watch this Dr. Nancy video from April 2019 when Fiona was just a baby to find that answer.


This is our way of supporting the Zoo’s Float4Fiona virtual fundraiser for its Emergency Operating Fund. If you want to support this project for our Katie’s House Kids, you can use the DONATE  button that appears below the apples on our Facebook post [here].

Float4Fiona is a slow-paced race where numbered apples tumble from the top of the waterfall in Hippo Cove and float to the finish line. The “owner” of the apple that finishes first, gets a behind-the-scenes tour of Hippo Cove will bob and float to the finish!  The “owners” of the winning apples can win hippo themed prizes. You can read about Float4Fiona on the Zoo’s website [here].